While looking after our gorgeous babies, it’s important not to forget about us.


Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pumping.  Feeding your baby can be challenging


The lack of sleep, your hormones and the challenges that you may be facing can all make it very overwhelming.


And then there’s the dreaded mummy guilt something that we all suffer from at some point during motherhood.


There’s mothers that feel guilty that they are unable to exclusively breastfeed and on the other hand, there mothers that see others struggling while they find it easy and they to feel guilty.


It’s easy to fall into the trap and feel isolated and alone especially when things aren’t progressing how you expected. Please be ensured that you are not alone, so many women struggle to feed their children.


Reach out for help, except help, be honest and share your struggles and trumpets with others. It is a journey to feed your baby and doing it along side other mothers with their support and encouragement makes it so much easier.


Sometimes it does however get to much and it’s important to get the necessary help if its getting to much. With all the added stress you can be at higher risk at getting anxiety or depression.


Baby blues are very common in the first 2 weeks after your baby is born, for some mothers, however, the low feeling lasts longer and may develop into postnatal depression.


Here are some signs to look out for, 


·       experience feelings of hopelessness

·       experience depression during pregnancy

·       believe they just can’t cope

·       feel angry and irritated but not sure why

·       feel overly anxious about their baby

·       tearful, alone, guilty, and unsupported.

·       have difficulty sleeping even when their baby sleeps

·       have thoughts of harming themselves or their baby

·       feel that they are being a bad mother and that somehow they have to cope

·       Not realize they are suffering from postnatal depression

If you at any stage feel like your not coping and are experiencing any of these signs please seek help.


We have a Mum to Mum support group on Facebook if you wish to join.


Take care and remember to be kind to yourself



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