Weight gains can vary from baby to baby. Some babies gain 175 – 210 g per week (text book style) while some babies gain in excess of 500 g per week. All babies are different and it important to try not to compare your baby’s weight gain with others. As long as they are gaining 25 – 30 g per day there’s no need to worry.


Here are some basic guidelines to weight gains.


Newborn babies are often weighed at day 5 unless measurement is required earlier. After that they are then weighed weekly. It’s important when babies are weighed that it’s at the same time of day and that they are wearing the same amount of clothes (preferably nothing) to get a correct weight.


Most babies loose weight after birth, with a 7% weight loss on average at day 5. If babies have lost 10 % or more their feeding should be evaluated. After day 5 babies should have no further weight loss and babies should have returned to their birth weight by day 10 – 14.


Low weight gains or high weight gains can cause stress. If you’re worried about weight gains and it's stressing you out, please seek help. Having a newborn baby is hard enough without the added worry of weight gain.

*One thing to always look about for is wet nappies, if your baby has wet nappies, there is no need to worry. If they are having dry nappies, this suggests they are not having enough milk and should be taken serious.

Low weight gains can have you second guessing your milk supply, read more about low milk supply, you also may like to try some Kangaroo Care/ Skin on skin with your baby.

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