Too much milk!


Does your baby

  • Get overwhelmed with too much milk and gag, choke, or cough and often pull off the breast while feeding.
  • Clamp down on the nipple at let down to slow the flow of milk
  • Dislike comfort sucking and doesn't feed for comfort.
  • Pull off the breast often when feeding.


These things are often caused when you have a strong, fast let down. This is often associated with too much milk or oversupply. 


This happens when your breasts continue to make more milk than your baby needs. It is common in the early days and normally settles after a few weeks. However some women’s breasts stay in overdrive for weeks. With most women, supply settles down by 3 months.


Ways to help baby,

  • Upright feeding positions work best with the laid back position a great way to feed if you have a fast letdown.  In this position, you are reclining comfortably and baby is on top (face down) tummy to tummy with you. Babies often self-burp in this position which is an added bonus.
  • Don’t time feeds and let baby feed more often. This will reduce the amount of milk that accumulates between feeds.
  • Block feeding, one-sided feeding can be useful, (but only do this if your baby is gaining weight more quickly than average). If baby finishes feeding on one side and wants to continue breastfeeding put them back on the same side. If the unused side becomes uncomfortable express a little milk to relieve yourself.
  • Feed your baby when they are sleepy and more relaxed as they will suck more gently and the milk flow will be slower.