If you’re pumping or bottle feeding for the first 3 months it is very important to ensure you’re washing and sterilizing the pumping parts and/or bottles after each use. During the first 3 months of a baby’s life they are most at risk of infection.  After 3 months thoroughly washing, rinsing with hot water and air-drying is sufficient unless advice otherwise.


Wash your bottle in warm soapy water using a bottlebrush ensuring you remove all traces of milk. Rinse with hot water and leave to air dry.


There are three ways you can sterilise: by boiling, steaming or with chemicals.




- Fill a large pot with water.

- Place all the washed items in the water, ensuring everything is covered with water.

- Put the lid on and heat the water until it comes to a rolling boil.

- Turn the stove off and keep the pot covered until you need the items.

- Use tongs to lift items out of the pot. If you remove items before you need them, cover and store them in a clean place


Steam, using a Microwave Steriliser


Follow the instructions as per the “microware sterilisers” manufacturers instructions


Sterilising tablets


Using a BPA free plastic or glass container and follow the “Sterilising tablets” manufactures instructions. Use tongs to remove items and shake of excess liquid.