Nipple pain can be excruciating with most women having some nipple pain at the beginning. It normally peaks around day 3, and normally gone within two - three weeks.  

At the beginning it’s hard to get the latch perfect all the time. Give it 10 – 20 seconds and if it doesn’t feel or look right try again.


Be checking your nipples after the feed, they should be round (not flattened, creased or pinched) Grazed nipples or nipple cracks are indications of latch problems. Let your midwife know and get someone to watch you feed and help you latch.


Latch on pain is quite common but should not continue throughout the whole feed or in between feeds.


It is not normal to be experiencing intense excruciating pain that lasts through the whole feeds or to be experiencing pain in-between feeds. If you are experiencing any of these or are experiencing pain past the first couple of weeks or have cracks, blisters or bleeding seek further help and get a second option if need be.


Nipple pain can be really stressful and it can make breastfeeding very challenging. If you have broken skin wash them, air dry them completely, apply cream and protect them from bugs. We have found Medela - PureLan works really well and Rite Aid - Hydrogel Breast Discs are amazing and can be a real lifesaver in the early days. Also make sure that your bras and clothing or breast pads don’t stick and cause further pain. Check out our breastfeeding section for quality nipple care supplies.


Some women with cracked nipples may end up with infected nipples.  Be assured the infection won’t harm your baby. It may be wise to get someone to take a swab if they are infected as infected nipples can often result in mastitis.

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