Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Boob or Bottle.


As mums, especially first time mums we are so excited to have a new baby but we are often so focused on the labor and getting the room ready that we often forget to prepare for breastfeeding.  Our survey reveled that only 30 % of women feeling like they were prepared for breastfeeding and 60 % feeling like it would of helped if they were more prepared at what lay ahead.


Because breastfeeding is natural, easy comes to mind. However only 10% of women found it easy from the start, but rest assured it does get easier.


It takes practice, teamwork, confidence, persistent and patience (and at the start it will feel like your feeding all the time), to help you get prepared we have contacted some amazing women a Mid Wife and a therapist who run antenatal classes that have provided us with some fantastic tips to help you get better prepared.


Here are the seven top tips from the lovely Jo and Grace who run Practical parenting Antenatal classes in Auckland; In their classes they spend 50% of the time talking about the birthing experience and 50 % of the time talking about AFTER the baby comes which is so important.

If you are in Auckland I would highly recommend checking out there classes


Seven top tips

1. Get a midwife to check baby’s latch every single time you breastfeed in those first few days at birthcare or in hospital


2. Make sure you empty one breast fully before offering baby the second breast - that way baby gets both the fore and hind milk


3. Sit in a comfortable chair whilst feeding. You’re going to be spending many hours feeding especially in the early days so make sure that your back and arms are well supported and your feet are flat on the floor


4. Storage of breastmilk - 3hrs on the bench, 3 days in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer. When you express make sure you date it.


5. If you’re struggling in anyway GET HELP! Tell your midwife or GP, get a lactation consultant, go to the Plunket family centre for a day, don’t suffer in silence.


6. Get a health professional to thoroughly check your baby’s mouth for tongue and lip ties.


7. A fed baby is a happy baby no matter how its fed - fed is best