One - three months

Your baby is now approximately a month old and the newborn fog is lifting slightly.


Feeding your baby can be challenging for many women, only 9% of women in our survey said they found breastfeeding easy from the start.


Its important to realize that for the next couple of months many women will still face challenges around feeding their baby, both physically and mentally.


Some women will be breastfeeding only, some will be formula feeding, some will be expressing and some women will be mix feeding. It’s important to remember you are all doing a fantastic job, and how you feed your baby doesn’t define you as a mother.


Breastfeeding Mums For many of you your supply will have established and breastfeeding will be slowly getting easier, however this is not the case for everyone. This probably won’t be the case for those who have early babies. If you are still having trouble, getting help from either a lactation consultant or your Plunket nurse is really important.


At this stage your baby will likely still be requiring 6 – 10 feeds a day but this is dependent on your supply and feeding style. There is a wide range of normal at this stage. Your baby will likely have better muscle tone so latching will be getting easier Head here to read more about breastfeeding at this age


Mix – Feeding Mums Mix feeding is a option with many women. For many mothers, being able to give a bottle in the evening makes all the difference especially for those with multiple children. It also allows Dads to have a part as well. Head here to read more about mix feeding


Bottle – Feeding Mums Whether you’re expressing and bottle feeding or formula feeding, bottle-feeding can also be a challenge.  Choosing formula, knowing how often and how much to feed, finding the best way to heat the milk and clean the bottles can all pose difficulties. Head here for more info on bottlefeeding at this age


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