As mums, especially first time mums we are so excited to have a new baby but we are often so focused on the labor and getting the room ready that we often forget to prepare for breastfeeding.  Our survey reveled that only 30 % of women feeling like they were prepared for breastfeeding and 60 % feeling like it would of helped if they were more prepared at what lay ahead.

Because breastfeeding is natural, easy comes to mind. However only 10% of women found it easy from the start, but rest assured it does get easier.


The first few days

Yay! Your wee baby has arrived so your feeding journey has begun.

While most women plan to breastfeed from the start, and most can, in some circumstances this isn’t always possible.

Breastfeeding takes practice, teamwork, confidence, persistent and patience, and yes it will seem like all you do is feed. At the beginning your baby is likely to have 7- 12 feeds on average over a 24 hour period.

At the beginning your goal is to get them latched. 


Newborn stage

Your baby’s now a couple of days old, and unless they are premature or unwell you’re likely to be heading home.

Its normal to be feeling emotional, scared, tired, overwhelmed but very much in love.

It can be hard as a new mum as you are offered lots of different advice. Listen and nod and take in what you want and ignore the rest. Your mummy intuition has already started and you already know so much more than your think.

The first 6 weeks are definitely going to be the hardest; our survey revealed that only 9% of women found breastfeeding easy from the start, so be patient, it takes time.


One - three months

Your baby is now approximately a month old and the newborn fog is lifting slightly.

Feeding your baby can be challenging for many women, only 9% of women in our survey said they found breastfeeding easy from the start.

Its important to realize that for the next couple of months many women will still face challenges around feeding their baby, both physically and mentally.

Some women will be breastfeeding only, some will be formula feeding, some will be expressing and some women will be mix feeding. It’s important to remember you are all doing a fantastic job, and how you feed your baby doesn’t define you as a mother.




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