Feeling like you don’t have enough milk???

Our survey revealed that 50 % of women felt they didn’t have enough milk at some point so this is clearly a very common issue and can cause a lot of worry and stress. If your baby is gaining well on breast milk alone then you’re unlikely have a problem with milk supply. 

As a mother, especially a first time mother, its easy to lose your confidence and to blame yourself for ‘not having enough milk’ when this is in fact often not true. Getting your confidence back is important and Lactation Boosters can increase your milk supply and give you confidence. If you feel like you’re doing everything to help your supply you gain confidence.


Remember that the factors below are not a sign of low milk supply.

  • Your breasts don’t leak, or only leak a little (leaking has nothing to do with supply)

  • Your breasts suddenly seem softer, this normally happens when your milk supply has adjusted.

  • You never feel your let down (some women never feel their let down)

  • You get very little or no milk when you pump. How much you pump doesn’t indicate how much milk you have it just shows you how much you can pump (your baby if much more efficient than a pump)

  • Your baby isn’t nursing as long; as babies get older they get more efficient.


Here are some ways to help increase your supply

  • Make sure that your baby is feeding efficiently. Milk supply after the first couple of weeks is based on supply and demand so if the milk isn’t effectively removed your supply can decrease. (If, for some reason, your baby isn’t feeding well its important to get some lactation support). You will also need to pump to maintain your supply until your baby is able to effectively remove the milk.

  • Skin on skin can help increase your milk making hormones and its also great for stress. In the first couple of months you may also be able to feel tingling whilst doing it, this is your body telling your brain to make more milk

  • Let your baby feed frequently and on demand. As long as your baby is feeding and not just comfort sucking let them stay on the breast as much as they like. Remember the more milk they remove, the more milk you make.

  • Offer both sides and even a third side or more when feeding (switch feeding). Remove the baby from the breast and switch sides once they have fallen asleep

  • Do breast compression’s while you feed. Wrap your hand around your breast and squeeze the milk for your baby while they feed. Do this several times.

  • Express, pump after feeds or do power pumping. Expressing can be time consuming so power pumping can be ideal for busy Mums especially those with other children.

  • Grab some Lactation Boosters “galactagogue’s” to increase your breast milk supply

  • Remember to take care and fuel yourself.


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