The Lactation Station - Lacation Cookies

The Lactation Station - Lacation Cookies

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The Lactation Station, Lactation Cookies

These devine NZ Made lactation cookies are ideal treat for breastfeeding Mums wanting to give there a supply a boost.

Available in five flavors there is one to suit your taste and dietary requirements.

 12x pre-made lactation cookies per packet

Coconut and Cranberry Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies for breastfeeding mums.

These divine NZ made, dairy free lactation cookies are a real hit for breastfeeding mums who are looking for lactation cookies that are dairy free.

Made with chunks of cranberries & coconut, they are just delightful.

White Chocolate Lactation Cookie

These divine (very popular) NZ made white chocolate lactation cookies are delicious.

Are you a breastfeeding mum who loves white chocolate? Then these are for you. Packed with blended white chocolate bits with every bite you’ll get some chocolate goodness.


Dark Chocolate Lactation Cookies

Devine dark chocolate breastfeeding cookies, these are delicious and are a true favourite for breastfeeding mums and we know why.

With dark chocolate bites blended through these lactation cookies, you can’t go wrong and it’s hard to stop at one.

Coconut rough lactation cookies

Are you breastfeeding a baby on a restrictive diet? Then these yummy lactation cookies are for you.

These coconut rough lactation cookies have been specially formulated for breastfeeding Mums who are looking for lactation cookies that are gluten free, egg free, dairy free and with added nuts. Try them today.

- Gluten free

- Egg Free

- Dairy-free

- With no added nuts.

The lactation Station Peanut butter and Chocolate lactation cookies

These divine peanut butter and chocolate lactation cookies are a winning flavor combo and a popular choice for breastfeeding Mums. Nutritious treats that benefit your milk supply. You can’t go wrong.


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