Milk Making Pair

Milk Making Pair


Breastfeeding tea and Fenugreek

Two fantastic products to help you increase your milk supply.


Fenugreek is a herb that has been traditionally used to increase milk supply and promote healthy milk flow for breastfeeding mothers.

Whether you’re establishing your supply for breastfeeding or wanting to increase your milk supply to express breast milk, Fenugreek has been found to be a great herb to do so, with some women seeing results within 48 hours.

Many breastfeeding mothers worry about low milk supply, Fenugreek can help support your breast milk production and flow quickly and efficiently.

Size: 100 capsules

Directions. Two capsules, two to three times daily.

Ingredients. Fenugreek seed 610mg


Artemis Breastfeeding Tea

A breastfeeding tea that supports optimal milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

Low milk supply can be a worry for breastfeeding mothers. This traditional plant medicinal formula includes fennel and nettle, which are widely used to help stimulate milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

It also includes nutrients to support uterine recovery after labour. It also promotes healthy digestion for breastfed babies, therefore colic & wind is likely.

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