Kangaroo Care, Skin on Skin.


Kangaroo care is a technique of holding your baby skin on skin. It is most commonly used for low birth-weight, pre-term babies however it is beneficial to all babies.  Place your baby on your bare chest dress them in their nappy with a blanket, or parents clothing on top of them. The cuddling inside the pouch of their parent’s shirt or blanket led to the creation of the term ‘kangaroo care’.


Benefits to babies

  • Stabilization of the baby's heart rate.
  • Regulation of temperature, an alternative to an incubator. 
  • Improved (more regular) breathing patterns.
  • Improved sleep.  Less stress = better sleep
  • Decreased crying that reduces baby’s stress and pain.
  • Easier breastfeeding.
  • Earlier hospital discharge

Benefits to parents

  • Promotion of bonding with both mum and dad.
  • Increased milk supply. When mum and baby are together, hormones that regulate lactation balance out, helping to produce more milk.
  • Carried babies have decreased crying which causes less stress for parents.

Try and do as much kangaroo care as possible. Using a sling or wrap once you’re at home can help you do it more often if you have other children to look after.



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