Save my nipples (Pack)

Save my nipples (Pack)


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Save my nipples bundle

Includes Wedela Nipple Care Cream, Medela Nipple Shields and Rite Aid Hydrogel Dics

Nipple pain can be excruciating for many women and can make breastfeeding very tough.

Don’t waste time worrying about how painful the next feed will be, get proactive and get the “Save my nipples” bundle.

This bundle includes the

Wedela Nipple Care Cream

Wedela nipple care cream is a light yet rich moisturiser to tone nipples in preparation for breastfeeding and provides soothing relief for tender and cracked nipples.

With aloe for moisturising, marshmallow and natural plant oils to soften and care for the nipple, and astringent horsetail and nettle to tone and condition the skin.

Calendula and chamomile calm, soothe and support the healthy renewal of tender, cracked skin, and rose oil provides a delicate fragrance.

Medela Nipple Shields.

Many mums swear by these as say if it wasn’t for these the would have struggled to keep breastfeeding.

Medela contact nipple shields offer a durable, comfortable and convenient way to make breastfeeding easier. These Medela nipple shields are designed to help mums breastfeed babies with latch-on difficulties by providing a larger, firmer target for latching. They can also be used to help mums with flat, inverted or sore nipples or an overactive let-down to breastfeed. The Contact Nipple Shields are specially designed and constructed to provide closer contact for your baby.

Available in three sizes: 16mm, 20mm and 24mm

Unique cut-out shape allows a high skin contact between you and your baby

Enables breastfeeding despite latch-on difficulties or sore, flat or inverted nipples

100 percent BPA-free and come in a practical storage box

Medela Nipple Shield Size:

Medela Nipple Shield Size:
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Not sure what size nipple shields to get?

  1. Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the diameter your nipple at the base (across the middle) in millimeters (mm). 1 cm = 10 mm. Do not include your areola.

The diagram below shows how the shield should fit. 

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