NUK Microwave Sterliser

NUK Microwave Sterliser


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Nuk microwave sterilizer

In the space of just one day, babies and small children require several hot meals. And each time, the bottle and teat not only need to be clean but also disinfected.


  • hygiene for all day every day

  • uses only 60ml water- NO CHEMICALS

  • fast effective disinfection in just 3 minutes

  • disinfects baby bottles, bottle accessories, soothers and milk pump parts with a steam heat disinfection – without any use of chemicals and in just 3 minutes (at a microwave power setting of +1,000 watts)

  • holds up to three NUK FIRST CHOICE 300 ml baby bottles at any one time.

  • fits into all standard microwaves with a minimum inside height of 180mm, inside width and depth of
    270 mm

  • can be universally used for all bottle shapes and sizes suitable for use in a microwave

  • includes a pair of tongs for the hygienic removal of the bottles

  • can be easily cleaned with a cloth after disinfecting and is also suitable for use in the dishwasher

  • has been tested according to a recognised laboratory safety standard

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