Mama Chat Monday With Shalome + Eliora


Meet Shalome. Wife to Rory, mother to the gorgeous Eliora and the owner of @brooksbabynz. Living her best life. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing feeding journey and for opening up about your journey into motherhood with us.

1.      Tell us the first word that comes to mind when you think of your feeding journey?

‘Surprising’ is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of my feeding journey. Most of the ladies in my family have had issues with a severe under supply and various other problems. As such, breastfeeding has been such a special part of my journey through motherhood so far, and I am beyond thankful because I didn’t think that it would be an option at all.


2.    What best describes the way you feed your child?

The best way to describe how I feel about my little girl is ‘incredibly grateful.’ Mike and I were told that we would not be able to have kids and that we should look into adoption. That hit so hard and I cried so much. Mike never doubted though. He just held me and told me that the Lord would provide. And He did.


3.    Did you ever feel embarrassed bottle-feeding or breastfeeding in public?

Yes, for sure. I definitely feel embarrassed breastfeeding in public, but I think that is more about who Eliora and I are as a team, than it is about the people around me. I personally do not feel comfortable exposing skin in public, even if it is to feed my babe. Plus, Eliora struggles to focus on her feed when there are people around. As such, I’d rather find a quiet, private place and feed her there.


4.    Are there any products that made your feeding journey easier?

The Haakaa silicone breast pump has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion!


5.    If you could give a new mum one piece of advice what would it be?

Trust your instincts and follow your baby’s lead. Your little one will let you know when they are full and when they need more.


6.    Do you think mothers feel pressure from society regarding feeding? Yes/No If yes why? 

For sure. I think there is pressure coming at us from ever direction, not to mention the pressure we put on ourselves! Pressure to breastfeed. Pressure to bottle-feed. Pressure to supplement. Pressure to up your supply or to control it. Pressure to feed your babe but just not in public and definitely not on demand. Pressure to bottle feed to make the work/life balance easier. Pressure to stop breastfeeding to have another baby. And those are just the first few that popped to mind  


7.     What do mums need to do more of to support other mums?
Be there for each other. Think more about the mom you’re with than about yourself. They need encouragement, just as much as you do. 

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