Mama Chat Monday with Caitlin Riordan

Meet Caitlin, Mama to the super cute Charlie and owner of Colour Me In Online. Thanks so much for sharing your journey Caitlin.



1.Tell us the first word that comes to mind when you think of your feeding journey?

Challenging but worth it (can I have four words haha)

2.What best describes the way you feed your child?

Definitely a challenging experience! Knowing that you want to do best for your brand new baby but afraid of failing at the same time. My midwife was amazing and helped me through for those first 6 weeks, Charlie was a bit of a dream baby, slept well and no complications but we struggled with latch. Over time this made it very sore to feed, sore nipples, cracks. This then led to mastitis three times, this is where I almost gave up, everyone was telling me it would get better but I found it very hard to believe. I eventually stuck with it until Charlie was 4 months old and she started refusing the breast. We soon realised I wasn’t producing enough milk and she was fussing cause she was super hungry. I googled multiple times ways to increase my milk supply and after trying many many strategies I decided formula was best for us as my milk supply just kept decreasing. I was still able to do the night feed until around 6 months and from there she was fully formula fed.

3.Did you ever feel embarrassed bottle-feeding or breastfeeding in public?

Not embarrassed as such but afraid of judgement, afraid of someone speaking up and me not knowing what to say being a new young mama.. you always hear of mamas being slammed for breastfeeding in public and at that time I wouldn’t have known what to say if someone approached me about it.
4.Are there any products that made your feeding journey easier?

Haakaa breast pump, especially when I had mastitis, so easy and portable to take with you to help relieve.
5.What was the funniest thing that happened during your feeding journey?

Not so funny at the time but my milk supply was always in strong force after a shower, it was always a mad dash to get dressed quickly before I soaked myself in breast milk.  

6.If you could give a new mum one piece of advice what would it be?

Ask for help if you need it! There is never a question that is too silly to be asked. Get your latch checked while you have your midwives help, they’ve seen it all before.  
7.What do mums need to do more of to support other mums?

Normalise breastfeeding, talk about our journeys whether it’s breast or bottle!


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