Mama Chat Monday With - Jana Tocker


Meet Jana and her two gorgeous kids Harrison and Annabelle. Jana is the owner of George Henry Clothing an NZ clothing brand. Their custom-made monogrammed clothing is simply amazing.  I have brought off them for years and the quality is amazing. Make sure you check them out @georgehenryclothing

Jana, Thanks for much for sharing your journey with us.




1.Tell us the first word that comes to mind when you think of your feeding journey?

Boobs (as in big boobs!) I’ve never had big boobs even after having Harrison and feeding him they never got that big but this time HELLO welcome to the big titty committee (as my husband would say). 

Second time around my boobs got so big early on during my pregnancy and I have an over supply of milk but only in one boob. I always say to my girlfriends I could feed a family of five off my left crazy boob. I’ve been super lucky and have never had problems breastfeeding my children and that is something I am very grateful for as I know that it’s not easy for everyone.

2.What best describes the way you feed your child/children?

I breast fed Harrison (who is now 4) for 9 months but always did bottles of formula with him at night when he woke. I did this so that my husband could help me. As a first time Mum I really struggled with the sleep deprivation and by giving Harrison a bottle at night when he woke really made it a lot easier because my husband could help me out by feeding and I could sleep.

Currently I’m still breastfeeding my daughter Annabelle who is 6 months old. I’ve just introduced a bottle at her lunch time feed which is proving a little hard as she would rather have boob over bottle. She had a lip and tonge tie so she's not a natural easy feeder like Harrison was and doesn't drink a bottle that well. I’ve brought the Dr Browns bottles and they seem to be the best for her so fingers crossed she gets better with time.


3.Did you ever feel embarrassed bottle-feeding or breastfeeding in public?

With Harrison I was really nervous about feeding in public and he would sense that and be really fussy so I would always take a bottle with me when we went out but now with Annabelle I couldn't care less and just breastfeed her anywhere.


4.Are there any products that made your feeding journey easier? 

The Haakaa brest pump. I have been very lucky with Annabelle who is an amazing sleeper at night (don't worry she cat naps in the day which does my head in) and when my boobs used to get full in the middle of the night to start with that simple yet efficient little gadget helped me relieve my sore boobs. I would recommend this to any new mum, they are such a well designed simple product that actually work well.


5.What was the funniest thing that happened during your feeding journey? 

It was just last week. I had just breastfed Annabelle and was lying on my bed. I held her above me in the air and of course what happened she was sick but the worst thing was I had my mouth open and got the whole lot in my mouth. My husband was watching and did nothing but laugh, well actually that’s all I could do to. 


6.If you could give a new mum once piece of advice what would it be?

Don't worry so much about what others think. I think as a mum we think people are judging us but in actual fact a lot of the time they aren't. 

You also know your baby best and people love to give you advice on babies but at the end of the day it’s your baby and you know them the best out of anyone so go with your gut and stick up for yourself. 


7.Do you think mothers feel pressure from society regarding feeding? Yes/No If yes why? 

Yes most definitely. We all get judged how we feed our little ones which is really sad because a fed baby is best. But I’ve found that if you in yourself are confident in how you are feeding your baby the judgemet from others doesn't seem to faze you as much. 

I have only ever had someone say something to me once about breastfeeding in public. The lady told me I shouldn't be feeding in a public area and I just replied with "she's hungry I need to feed her and smiled" she said, "well at least your confident" and walked away (me with the eye roll).


8.What do mums need to do more of to support other mums? 

Talk and support each other. This is the hardest job we will ever have and every single one of us has good and bad days. Be open and honest; no one is superwoman even though it may look like some women have it together better than others but we all loose our sh*t at some stage.


Melanie Rule