Hi my name is Mel. I’m a mum of two who wants to ensure all the mums (and dads!) out there have access to unbiased support, advice and products for feeding their babies.

Having a new baby is one of the most amazing and rewarding times in your life, but let’s face it - it’s also immensely challenging. I want to help make it easier and remove the guilt us mums so often feel. Here at Boob or Bottle we have the motto’s of “fed is best” and “feed without guilt”. We want you to always feel supported, confident and that you're doing an amazing job no matter what your feeding journey may be.

My motivation? I’m a mum of two gorgeous kids who really struggled with breastfeeding! I have both breastfed and bottle fed my babies and have personal experience with premies, tongue tie, lip tie, low milk supply and anxiety. My triumphs and downfalls are why I am here today to help and inspire other mammas. To read more about my journey head over to my blog.

Views on this site are my own based on my own personal experience of feeding my kids. I’m not a medical professional, just a mum who wants to share what she’s learned to help and support others on their journey.